Cargo Inspections

Cargo Inspections

The part relating to Cargo Inspections, it composes of well SEPARATE services diversification but acts event, once the item itself, or That of ensuring a Precise control on quality status and amount of transported goods, These services are:

  • Quality / Quantity inspections.
  • C.O.W. monitoring operation.
  • On Hire / Off Hire inspections.
  • Tanks inspections.
  • R.O.B / O.B.Q.
  • Stock inventories.
  • Loss control investigations.
  • Manual sampling.
  • Superintendent.
  • Status and suitability ATB control.
  • Status and suitability fuel service stations.
  • Deposits control.
  • Specific consulting on customer request.
  • Dry cargoes inspections.
  • Coal sampling.
  • Holds inspections.
  • Chemical analyses.
  • Ship to ship transfers.
  • Sampling and analysis of fresh water tanks.
  • Barge bunkering.

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