The term SAFETY INSPECTION, means an independent assessment and qualified on what is the security declaration in the terminal, which is a security surveillance (carried out during the entire stay of the vessel at the quayside) and connection (the inspector is person more accreditataper alert the terminal to the onset of any emergency situation, during which, it has the complete disposal of the duty manager) intended to guarantee and document the efficiency and accuracy of the ship operations.
The target of a safety inspection is therefore to obtain an essential partner working closely with it to provide:
– Technical assistance in the petrochemical sector taking into careful consideration the environmental issues;
– An objective assessment and qualified on the loading and unloading of chemical and oil products in ports, terminals, platforms or mono unloading buoys made in accordance with international safety standards;
– Monitoring to ensure that the necessary precautions to avoid undue gas leaks and / or fluids are taken (the areas around the terminal are extremely sensitive to environmental pollution);
– Verification that the captain of the tanker and its crew are familiar with the precautions and useful procedures to prevent environmental accidents and that they are ready to react in case of dangerous situations;
– The security that the situation is under full control by the terminal, the safety inspections, in fact provide a “live” window on those who are at that time the various operations of the terminal, not forgetting also the analysis of data concerning the operations previous, secure relevance feedback on the level of danger for the safety.
– Program a preliminary meeting and corresponding interview with the terminal managers in order to correct the safety criteria that must be met by ships.
– Create a check list control for the safety of the ship, the official document to be completed throughout the duration of the loading or discharge into the terminal.
– Inspect at anchor, and the treatment process; during this phase of inspection, they are recorded in technical fields and process so as to be able to immediately identify any actions which could undermine the various safety criteria.
– Make a complete management of the data obtained from the inspection and with them, all information about the ship, the assessment regarding standard operations (berthing, loading / unloading …), special operations (COW, ballasting ..) and knowledge / compliance with safety rules and not least the good functioning of all critical systems.

Safety inspection also aims to:
– Checks on the maintenance and the functionality of the ship.
– Control of the technical aspects.
– Check all documentation, procedures and safety plans, such as the cargo plan, the plan for the C.O.W. and the load floor of ballast.
– Check the awareness of crew safety.

To carry out this service, we employ a reliable inspectors and skilled team, but above all formed according to the highest international standards of quality with the following characteristics:
C.L.C with long experience as a First commanders or officers, qualified personnel COW / IGS and holds other certificates under the STCW, good knowledge of English and good knowledge of: international standards, codes, guidelines, procedures and standards requirements.
Beyond that, Oil & Bulk monitors the staff employed with periodic checks, and makes sure they are updated on safety.

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